EAAS Conferences since 1954

29. Izmir 2012
The Health of the Nation

28. Dublin 2010
"Forever Young"? The Changing Images of America

27. Oslo 2008
"E pluribus unum" or "E pluribus plura"?

26. Nicosia 2006
Conformism, Non-Conformism, and Anti-Conformism in the Culture of the United States

25. Prague 2004
America in the Course of Human Events: Presentations and Interpretations

24. Bordeaux 2002
The United States of / in Europe: Nationhood, Citizenship, Culture

23. Graz 2000
Nature’s Nation Reconsidered: American Concepts of Nature from Wonder to Ecological Crisis

22. Lisbon 1998
Ceremonies & Spectacles: America and the Staging of Collective Identities

21. Warsaw 1996
American Culture and Its Impact, 1946–1996

20. Luxembourg 1994
The Insular Dream: Obsession and Resistance

19. Seville 1992
The American Columbiad: 'Discovering' America, Inventing the United States

18. London 1990
Victorianism in the United States: Its Era and Its Legacy

17. Berlin 1988
Looking Inward – Looking Outward: The United States from the 1930s through the 1940s

16. Budapest 1986
The Early Republic: The Making of a Nation – The Making of a Culture

15. Rome 1984
Social Change and New Modes of Expression: The United States, 1910–1930

14. Paris 1982
The United States from 1870 to 1919

13. Amsterdam 1980
The American Identity: Fusion and Fragmentation

12. Norwich 1978
Religious and Political Ideologies in America and Europe

11. Heidelberg 1976
Americans and Nature

10. Vienna 1974
European Attitudes towards America – A Love-Hate Relationship
"International Study Conference" and one-day "open conference" for young scholars

9. Geneva 1972
The Impact of American Dissent on European Political, Cultural and Social Life

8. Brussels 1970
“The American Way – The European Way”
"Study Conference"

7. Rome 1967
Intellectual Communication between the Old World and the New”
"Working Conference" invitational only

6. Aarhus 1965
The Role of Universities in the Modern World – A Transatlantic Dialogue

5. Cambridge 1962
The Impact of the United States on Europe after 1945
"EAAS Bi-annual [sic] Working Conference"

4. Berlin 1961
The American Promise Reconsidered, 19291939

3. Bellagio 1960
American Educational Items and the European Mind
The Lost Generation Writers in Europe
Woodrow Wilson’s Reputation in Europe

2. Paris 1957
Emigration – Immigration
The Businessman in America and Europe
The Frontier – An American Phenomenon?

1. Salzburg 1954
First International Conference of Professors and Scholars of American Studies in Europe