AASSEE • Association for American Studies in South East Europe


Constituent members of the AASSEE:

CAAS Croatian Association for American Studies (Hrvatsko udruženje za američke studije (HUAmS)
Association for Anglo-American Studies (Macedonia)
Montenegrin Association for American Studies
Serbian Association for Anglo-American Studies Website:

        American Studies Association in Bosnia and Herzegovina Website:


Dr. Aleksandra Izgarjan – President, AASSEE
  Faculty of Philosophy.
  University of Novi Sad, Serbia.
Dr. Jelena Šesnić – Vice-President
University of Zagreb, Croatia
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
English Department
Dr. Marija Krivokapić – Manager
University of Montenegro, Montenegro
Faculty of Philology
English Department
Updated April, 2018

AFEA • French Association for American Studies

Website:                                      Updated October 4, 2019

President: Monica Michlin (Paul Valéry Montpellier)

Academic Vice President: Sylvie Bauer (Rennes II)

Vice President for Research: Mathieu Duplay (Paris VII)

Secretary: Zachary Baqué (Université Toulouse II)

Treasurer: Bradley Smith (Université de Nanterre)

Revue Française d'Etudes Américaines
Transatlantica, on-line journal
Searchable database on publications by AFEA members:

Recent Activity


May 2013, the AFEA organized its annual conference on the theme of “Religion and Spirituality” in Angers. The conference, with over 30 workshops, was attended by over 230 scholars and welcomed three keynote speakers from the US (Sally Promey, Fanny Howe and Lisa Bitel). The proceedings of this very successful conference will soon be published in a special edition of the RFEA journal.

The next AFEA annual conference with the theme, “American models and counter-models” will be held in Lyon from May 21 to May 24, 2014.


The two journals (one paper printed, the other electronic), RFEA and Transatlantica, have been very active in the past year, with three issues each and many more to come. The editors in chief of the journals have also been promoting American studies in the Paris Journal Fair which took place last winter.

The AFEA has also been actively and fruitfully collaborating with the US embassy to promote US-sponsored visiting professors and develop ties with US-based PhD students to attend the yearly conference.

Finally, a book collection in partnership with the Paris Sorbonne University Press, entitled "Americana" has recently been inaugurated. Two books have already been published, another one is due out soon, and this collection is due to perpetuate in the coming years.

More information can be found on the new website. Please feel free and visit it at:



Transatlantica (electronic journal): A publication of the French Association for American Studies (AFEA), Transatlantica is an independent biannual peer-reviewed journal. Founded in 2001, Transatlantica combines a commitment to rigorous scholarship with a vital concern for critical exchange in the field of American studies broadly defined. Developing a variety of theoretical and disciplinary orientations, the journal welcomes articles in literature, cultural studies, social sciences (history, political science, sociology…), and theory. Contributions are published in French or English. The journal’s on-line presence also offers opportunities for original multimedia presentation alongside scholarly articles. A typical issue of Transatlantica is divided into two thematic dossiers, and also includes a varia section, a book review section, extensive reviews of arts and academic events, and interviews with writers and/or artists. Transatlantica maintains a policy of full-text open access.

RFEA: The Revue Française d’Études Américaines (RFEA), a double-blind peer-reviewed quarterly journal, was established in 1976. It is an official publication of the Association Française d’Études Américaines (AFEA) (the French Association of American Studies). While it focuses on the United States, it also regularly adopts trans-Atlantic and transnational perspectives.
The RFEA is a bilingual (French and English) journal that publishes original manuscripts. It addresses a wide array of questions in literature, the social sciences, philosophy, and art—especially the visual arts. Most issues focus on a special theme but may also include articles on other subjects. Approximately every two years, an issue is entirely composed of articles on a diversity of subjects. Book reviews are always included and, occasionally, there are also historiographical essays or critical essays on recently published books, interviews, or illustrations. Four issues are published each year, three of which are 128 pages in length, and the fourth is a double issue (256 pages) that offers a selection of papers presented at the annual AFEA conference. The following double issues have been published to date: RFEA 141 “Religious Transfers” (2014); RFEA 145 “The USA: Models, Counter-Models” (2015); RFEA 149 “Movement, Place, Fixity” (2016); RFEA 151 “Chantiers d’Amérique/America in the Works” (2017).

Last updated: May, 2018

CSAA • Czech and Slovak Association for American Studies


President: Michal Peprník
Palacký University, Køížkovského 10, 771 47 Olomouc, Czech Republic
Phone: +420 68 563 3113   Fax: +420 68 563 3101
E-mail: or

Vice President: Alena Smiešková
Department of English and American Studies, University of Constantin the Philosopher, Štefánikova 67, 949 01 Nitra, Slovakia
Phone: +421 37 640 8455

Secretary: Šárka Bubíková
Department of English and American Studies, University of Pardubice, Studentská 95, 532 10 Pardubice 2, Czech Republic
Phone: +420 466 036 217

Treasurer: Roman Trušnik
Tomas Bata University in Zlín, Mostní 5139, 760 01 Zlín, Czech Republic
Phone: +420 576 032 329

Recent Activity


-          the 18th and the 19th international colloquiums of American Studies: The Rainbow of American Poetry (October 26–27, 2012), with Maureen N. McLane as the plenary speaker and the poet Kerry Shawn Keys as the special guest;

-          America in Foreign Media (September 6–8, 2013) with M. Thomas Inge as the key-note speaker;

The two events were funded by the European Social Fund and from the State Budget of the Czech Republic, and by the U.S. Department of State Awards and supported by the Embassy of the U.S.A. in Prague.

-          the international conference From Theory to Practice (2012, 2013), organized by Tomas Bata University in Zlín, in 2013 with keynote speakers Christiane Nord and Thomas A. Lorman;

-          the 11th Cultural Studies conference -Location and Relocation in Literature and Cultural Studies (2012), held by the University of Pardubice;

-          the conference Language, Literature and Culture in a Changing Transatlantic World (2012), hosted by the Institute of British and American Studies, University of Prešov

-          the 5th Nitra Conference on Discourse Studies.


The members of the CSAAS have been instrumental in setting up research centers that are devoted to American Studies, at Palacký University in Olomouc (the ESF project Literature and Film without Borders: Dislocation and Relocation in the Pluralist Space, director Marcel Arbeit, with M. Thomas Inge as the senior foreign expert), and at Masaryk University in Brno the Center for North American Studies (director Jeffrey A. Vanderziel).

            The CZAAS board members are also involved in organizing the Monday Forum lecture series by distinguished academic guests and writers, held at the Department of English and American Studies at Palacký University in Olomouc, now within the framework of the ESF research project.

In September 2013, a new CSAAS board was elected:

-          President: Michal Peprník (Palacký University, Olomouc)

-          Vice-President: Alena Smiešková (University of Constantine the Philosopher, Nitra)

-          Secretary: Šárka Bubíková (University of Pardubice)

-          Treasurer: Roman Trušník (Tomas Bata University in Zlín)


American studies papers in English are published in major Czech and Slovak scholarly peer-reviewed journals, such as the American and British Studies Annual, Ars Aeterna, Brno Studies in English, the Moravian Journal of Literature and Film, Litteraria Pragensia, Ostrava Journal of English Philology, as well as in other established publications, such as the Zlín Proceedings in Humanities book series of conference proceedings.

Recent books:

KOPECKÝ, Petr. The California Crucible: Literary Harbingers of Deep Ecology. 2nd edition (revised and updated). Saarbrücken: Lambert Academic Publishing, 2013. 196 pp. ISBN 978-3659332500.

Last Updated: Dec. 21, 2013

BASA • Bulgarian American Studies Association


President: Julia Stefanova
Executive Director, Bulgarian-American Fulbright Commission, 17 Alexander Stamboliiski Blvd., 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria
Phone: + 359 2 981 85 67   Fax: +359 2 988 45 17

Vice President: Kostadin Grozev
Department of History, University of Sofia, 15 Tzar Osvoboditel Blvd., 1502 Sofia, Bulgaria
Phone: + 359 2 93 08 366

Treasurer: Madlen Danova
Department of English and American Studies, University of Sofia, 15 Tzar Osvoboditel Blvd., 1502 Sofia, Bulgaria
Phone: +359 888 32990

AAAS • Austrian Association for American Studies

Updated December 17, 2016

Christian Quendler – President

Department of American Studies
University of Innsbruck
Innrain 52
6020 Innsbruck

Silvia Schultermandl – Vicepresident

Institute of American Studies

Karl-Franzens University

Attemsgasse 25

8010 Graz


Cornelia Klecker – Secretary

Department of American Studies
University of Innsbruck
Innrain 52
6020 Innsbruck

Leopold Lippert – Treasurer

Department of English and American Studies

University of Vienna

Spitalgasse 2-4/Hof 8.3

1090 Wien


AAAS Annual Conferences:

2012: The AAAS Conference 2012 (39th International Conference) took place at the University of Zürich on November 9-10 in conjunction with the Swiss Association for North American Studies (SANAS): The theme was "Cultures in Conflict / Conflicting Cultures." Co-organized by Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Bronfen (University of Zürich), Prof. Dr. Mario Klarer (University of Innsbruck), and PD Dr. Christina Ljungberg (University of Zürich), the conference brought together American Studies scholars from the United States, Switzerland, Germany and Austria. This was an international meeting of great importance to Austrian Americanists, which also allowed our graduate students to present their research before an international audience.

2013: The AAAS Conference 2013 “American Utopias” was held from November 8-10, 2013 in Salzburg. The 40th International Conference was organized by the University of Salzburg, Department of English and American Studies. The conference venue was the Salzburg Global Seminar, Schloss Leopoldskron. The intention of the forum was to look back at the early American colonial endeavors of the Puritans who viewed the New World as a place to create a New Canaan, to revisit the utopian communities of the 19th century, to look ahead to visions of ecological and economic future worlds. Guest speakers were José Esteban Muñoz from the Department of Performance Studies at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts and Jaap Verheul from Utrecht University. Franz Kabelka read from his recent short fiction collection Die Muschel. Workshops covered topics such as eco(dys)topias, early American utopias, African-American utopias, corporate utopias, and transnational utopian connections.

2017: "Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been? The Changing Nature of American Studies". Schloss Leopoldskron in Salzburg, November 3-5, 2017. Organized by the Department of English and American Studies, University of Salzburg.

2018: “American Im/Mobilities”, 45th AAAS (Austrian Association of American Studies) conference, 16-18 November 2018, Vienna, Austria:


“Women Frontstage: Female Polemics and the American Revolution”, 12th Meeting of the European Study Group of 19th Century American Literature, 13-14 September 2018, University of Salzburg, Austria: tx_ttnews%5Btt_news%5D=843&cHash=a42ae9ff429ac66e43ef461afe0445eb

AYA (Austrian Young Americanists) Workshop "Shifting Dynamics of American Studies", October 12-13, 2018, University of Salzburg, Austria:  


Eckhard, Petra, Klaus Rieser and Silvia Schustermandl, eds. Contact Spaces of American Culture: Globalizing Local Phenomena. American Studies in Austria. Vol. 12. Münster/Wien: LIT-Verlag, 2012.

Fellner, Astrid M., Susanne Hamscha, Klaus Heissenberger, and Jennifer Moos, eds. Is It 'Cause It's Cool? Affective Encounters With American Culture. Münster/Wien: LIT Verlag (forthcoming November 2013).

Last updated Nov. 15, 2013