Introducing “The New American Antiquarian”

Introducing “The New American Antiquarian”

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Soliciting submissions to "The New American Antiquarian", a new double-blind peer-reviewed (and fully indexed) journal in the field of early American studies

We, Peter Jakob Olsen-Harbich and Simeon Simeonov, are the editors of The New American Antiquariana new double-blind peer-reviewed (and fully indexed) journal in the field of early American studies. We are eager to introduce our publication to your esteemed academic community, the European Association for American Studies.
The mission of The New American Antiquarian (NAA), in brief, is to publish scholarship concerned with any part of the Americas before 1825 A.D., with a particular emphasis on reception histories and primary source editions. We’ve published two volumes since 2021, which can be viewed here. We welcome submissions of previously unpublished manuscript transcriptions; new English translations; critical collations of printed material; guides or catalogs that aid in the interpretation of source collections; and scholarship that engages with the ideas described in our mission statement. The NAA is committed to expanding the source base and scholarly horizon of early American studies to reflect the hemisphere’s plural linguistic traditions. Our full mission statement is available here
As we prepare our next issues, we are very keen to solicit scholarly submissions on early America from members of the European Association for American Studies. As you can see from our published issues, we offer a wide range of contributions, and we are open to any new materials that align with the scope and standards of our mission.
Thank you very much for your attention. We look forward to reading your submissions!
With kind regards,
Peter Jakob Olsen-Harbich
Associate Director, The McNeil Center for Early American Studies, University of Pennsylvania
Editor, The New American Antiquarian
Simeon Andonov Simeonov
Associate Professor, The American University in Bulgaria
Editor, The New American Antiquarian


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