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Workshop "Archipelagic Imperial Spaces and Mobilities"

“Archipelagic thinking: Anthropocene Islands and the Insular.” Public conversation with Prof. Michelle Ann Stephens (English Dept., Rutgers Univ. New Brunswick, NJ) and Prof. Jonathan Pugh (School of Geography, Politics and Sociology, Newcastle University UK).

This public conversation is part of an exploratory workshop on Archipelagic Imperial Spaces and Mobilities at the University of Leipzig that is co-organized by members of the Collaborative Research Center Spatialization Processes under the Global Condition (Gabriele Pisarz-Ramirez and Steffen Wöll, both University of Leipzig) and of the research platform  "Mobile Cultures and Societies" at the University of Vienna (Alexandra Ganser and Barbara Gföllner).

Michelle Ann Stephens and Jonathan Pugh will explore the role of archipelagic spaces and mobilities addressing key tropes and themes such as 'archipelagic thinking', 'archipelagic space,' 'imperial mobilities,' the intersections between archipelagic and mobilities studies, the complications of ‘mainland/island', and 'minor' traditions and the ways these are implicated in the generation of ontology, epistemology, research, and forms of praxis. In particular, they will focus to how recent thinking with  'Anthropocene Islands' updates, troubles and/or becomes generative, and they will  explore the notion of the "insular" and the 'island' itself as historical, discursive, ontological and epistemological objects.  The conversation will be followed by a discussion with the public.

Please go to https://enmma.org/workshop-archipelagic-imperial-spaces-and-mobilities for more information.
To register, please send an email signaling your interest to info@enmma.org no later than July 11.