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13th Meeting of the European Study Group of 19th-Century American Literature Rome, Centro Studi Americani, Oct. 10-12, 2019

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The EAAS Study Group of 19th Century American Literature convened at the Centro Studi Americani in Rome on October 10, 11, and 12, 2019 for its 13th Seminar, in a Covid-free time still unaware of infections, distancing precautions, and winds of war. 

Daniela Daniele organized the event, in collaboration with Martina Mastandrea and Daniele Pomilio. A grant from the Cultural Office of the American Embassy generously sustained by Maria Paola Pierini and by the founder of the Study Group, Ralph Poole (Univ. of Salzburg), secured the participation of Martha Saxton, from Amherst College.  

A distinguished historian of American women and the author of a ground-breaking biography of Louisa May, Saxton chose and introduced the theme of the Seminar, “Louisa May Alcott and Love”: a topic explored through a number of seldom discussed narratives.  

Our collective reading was based on Alcott’s Hawthornean novella A Marble Woman, Or The Mysterious Model (1865) and on the tales “The Cross on the Old Church Tower” (1857), “Love and Self-Love” (1873): 298-310; “Anna’s Whim” (1873); the fourteenth chapter of the 1873 novel Work. A Story of Experience, ed. Sarah Elbert: 309-334. Our critical references were Hendrik Hartog: 93-135 and Eve LaPlante: 63-132.  

Participants included: Martha Saxton (Univ. of Amherst), Ralph Poole (Univ. of Salzburg); Mariana Net (Univ. of Bucharest);  Brigitte Zaugg (Univ. of Lorraine-Metz); Cécile Roudeau (Univ. Paris Cité); Stéphanie Durrans (Univ. of Bordeaux-Montaigne); Lorraine Tosiello (Louisa May Alcott Society); Julia Nitz (Univ. of Halle-Wittenberg); Jelena Šesnić (Univ. of Zagreb); Sirpa Salenius (Univ. of Eastern Finland); Aušra Paulauskienė (LCC, International University of Klaipėda); Andrea Mariani (Univ. di Chieti-Pescara); Michaela Keck (Univ. of Oldenburg); Verena Laschinger, Annemarie Mönch, and Sophia Klefisch (Univ. of Erfurt); Martina Mastandrea (Univ. of London and Udine); Etti Gordon Ginzburg (Oranim College of Education, Israel); Hannah. J.E. Champion (Univ. of Bordeaux and Eastern Finland).

A city tour of the landmarks of Louisa May Alcott's journey in Rome in winter 1870-71 was organized, on October 12, 2019, by Daniele Pomilio (Univ. of Roma Tre), who provided a detailed literary, topographic and artistic reconstruction of the Roman studios of the American literary sculptors, mapped out by Andrea Mariani, also in collaboration with the Margutta expert, Giorgio Avallone.