Book Reviews

Guidelines for Reviewing

If you are a member of one of the EAAS national associations and would like to have your recent book reviewed, please follow these guidelines:
  1. Book publications must be in English and must have been published during the current or the previous year.
  2. We only review scholarly works in American Studies.
  3. Members should contact Prof. Theodora Tsimpouki who is the editor of the book reviews section of the European Journal for American Studies (EJAS).
    Address: University of Athens, Faculty of English Studies, School of Philosophy, University Campus Zografou, 157 84 Athens, Greece. Fax +30 1 72 48 979.
  4. Bibliographical information (author, title, publisher, publishing date and place, number of pages) and a two sentence summary of the contents should be sent to HELAAS. Reviewers will receive their review copy from the authors.
  5. Reviews sent to EAAS will be published at