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About EAAS
Minutes of EAAS Board Meetings

Until 2012 the minutes of the board meetings of the EAAS were published in the newsletter, American Studies in Europe. Beginning in 2012, the minutes are available on the EAAS website in the "About EAAS" menu.

Lublin, March 26, 2015 (pdf)

The Hague, April 2, 2014 (pdf)

Moscow, April 26-27, 2013 (pdf)

Izmir, March 29-30, 2012 (pdf)

Other features previously found in American Studies in Europe:

Reports of recent activity by member associations are posted on the pages for each association after the details of the officers.

Postgraduate travel grant reports are accessible from the EAAS Grants page.


EAAS Biennial Conferences

Other Conferences

University of Lisbon Center for English Studies,.Alameda da Universidade, Lisbon, Portugal, October 25-27, 2017

Call for papers (by May 25, 2017)

Belfast Campus, Ulster University, Belfast, Northern Ireland, April 28-29, 2017
Call for Papers (by January 19, 2017)

Ankara, Turkey, 04-05 May 2017

Clinton Institute for American Studies,.University College Dublin,.5-6 May 2017

Call for papers (by March 10, 2017)

European Journal of American Studies

The European Journal of American Studies is the official journal of EAAS. It welcomes contributions from Americanists in Europe and elsewhere and aims at making available state-of-the-art research on all aspects of United States culture and society.

Read more at http://ejas.revues.org/.

European Views of the United States

European Views of the United States is the official book series of the EAAS.9783825365783       

We are proud to announce volumes 8, 9, 10 of the series:

Tanrisever, Ahu. Fathers, Warriors, and Vigilantes: Post-Heroism and the US Cultural Imaginary in the Twenty-First Century, vol. 10, 2016 (Rob Kroes Publication Award 2015).

Intercontinental Crosscurrents: Women's Networks across Europe and the Americas, eds. Julia Nitz, Sandra H. Petrulionis, and Theresa Schön, vol. 9, 2016.

America: Justice, Conflict, War, eds. Amanda Gilroy and Marietta Messmer, vol. 8, 2016 (The Hague Conference 2014).

Read more ...

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