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LGBTQ+ Studies Network


Our mission is to promote the study of LGBTQ+ issues in the past and present and to create a scholarly and thriving community of European and international Americanists specialized in various disciplines and focusing on different cultures by encouraging academic collaboration on articles, conference organizations, edited collections, and a variety of interdisciplinary/joint projects.

 Our ambition is to develop and create opportunities across four areas:

1.   Research projects (The EAAS LGBTQ+ Studies Journal, EAAS Conferences, LGBTQ+ Studies Network panels and conferences, archival and history projects), favoring intersectional/comparative approaches.

2.   Social and Cultural Events (exhibitions, book signing events, theater productions)

3.   Education projects (Summer schools, targeted workshops)

4.   International networking/sponsoring (EAAS mentor-mentee program, Special Topic seminars)

Our goal is to empower students — engaging in LGBTQ+ studies and research — as well as to extend beyond the Humanities barrier and disseminate knowledge through interdisciplinary collaborations.

Our values:

Cooperation – Innovation – Respect – Visibility – Inclusivity


Webinar Program


Steering Committee

Anthony CASTET, University of Tours (France),

Anthony Castet is an associate professor of American studies at Tours University. He is a specialist in LGBTQ issues in the fields of history, politics and civil rights. His research focuses on contemporary culture wars and their impact on American democracy, the legal treatment of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Americans, same-sex parenting, the intersections between politics, religion and civil rights, especially with respect to LGBTQ Americans. His research lies primarily in the areas of discrimination based on sex and sexual orientation. 

Constantine Chatzipapatheodoridis, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece),

Constantine Chatzipapatheodoridis, Fulbright alumnus, is a Ph.D. Candidate in thr Department of American Literature and Culture, School of English at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. His fields of research activity include queer studies, performance studies and popular culture studies. With the aegis of IKY/SSF (State Scholarships Foundation, Greece), Mr. Chatzipapatheodoridis is currently working towards finishing his dissertation on the politics of global gay culture and the praxis of camp in the contemporary pop music stage. Parts of this research as well as other projects have appeared in international conferences and journals.

EAAS Digital Studies Network

EAAS Digital Studies Network

The mission of the EAAS Digital Studies Network is to facilitate the communication and collaboration between scholars, researchers and postgraduate students in Europe with an interest in issues pertaining to the broader production and theorization of digital literary forms, digitality and popular culture, experimentation with print and digital writing and typographic practices, locative media and narrative as well as digital humanities within the context of American Studies. This Network will seek to connect with institutions, organizations, and postgraduate programs in Europe that specialize in this area of research so as to foster the channeling of information, effective contact between its members, and representation in EAAS biannual conferences and other fora as well as symposia with the aim of promoting digital studies research in Europe.

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American Studies Network

The American Studies Network (ASN) is a group of European centers involved in American Studies. The idea of a network of centers arose during the European Association for American Studies (EAAS) meeting in London in April, 1990. The ASN was founded in November, 1990 in Berlin at a meeting of interested directors of American Studies centers. The initial group of eight members has expanded to include 17 institutions from all over Europe and is now welcoming associated members from outside of Europe.

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Postgraduate Forum

This page has been established with the specific role of facilitating postgraduate links across Europe. Please see below for information on various postgraduate contacts. Many of them are postgraduate students themselves but some countries are still in the process of choosing a postgraduate representative and therefore faculty may currently be responsible for liaising with their country's postgraduate students.

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The Southern Studies Forum

The Southern Studies Forum of the EAAS had been active since 1988, when it was launched in West Berlin, Germany.

The SSF's purposes are: to tighten the exchanges of ideas and experiences among scholars interested in the United States South, to be interdisciplinary and multinational. Cooperation with scholars from the United States and from all over the world has allowed during the years to create a community of scholars, who have developed researches, discussed their achievements and created a network of friendship.

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The European Study Group of 19th Century American Literature

aleaas19The American Literature EAAS Study Group on 19th-century literature was established in 2005 during the biennial EAAS conference in Cyprus. The annual meetings of the group offer an opportunity to develop a supportive and inspiring intellectual community, and a forum for the exchange of information and ideas leading to publications in the area.

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The Women's Network

The Women's Network

The mission of the EAAS Women’s Network is to facilitate contact between EAAS members interested in subjects and issues dealing with women and gender. It seeks to enhance cooperation among European Americanists through a network of scholars with common research interests. It also encourages collaboration on projects and publications, and works towards organizing parallel lectures, workshops, panel discussions, roundtables, performances, exhibits, and keynote addresses at EAAS meetings, with the end goal of increasing the visibility of women and women’s and gender issues.

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Visual Culture and Media Studies Network

The Visual Culture and Media Studies Network is a virtual platform intended to create closer ties and connections among scholars from different disciplines working on visual and media studies with a special emphasis on North American topics. It places the study of visual culture and media in a comparatist, dialogical, and transcultural framework that supports the aim of studying U.S.-American culture in relationship with other nations and cultures as a productive and necessary way of recognizing the complexity of cultural exchange and interaction.

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European Early American Studies Association

The European Early American Studies American is designed to foster international collaboration between early Americanists throughout Europe. As such, it provides a multilateral European alternative for the practice of early American history - an increasingly international field - different from normal bilateral relationships between individual Europeanists and scholars and institutions in North America.

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