EAAS L-Distribution List

EAAS Distribution List

list@eaas.eu is the mailing list for American Studies in Europe, moderated on behalf of the European Association for American Studies by the listmaster (Pawel Frelik, Vice-President).

The purpose of this mailing list is to distribute information about American Studies in Europe. Through this list you will receive calls-for-papers and information about activities pertaining to the field of American Studies, and related fields, such as American history, American literature, American culture, and American society. This list will also serve to disseminate information from the EAAS and member associations in Europe. In addition, we encourage you to use this list to communicate other information that might be useful to American Studies scholars in Europe, such as news about new research or teaching projects; information about new Internet resources; announcements of conferences, jobs, grants, and fellowships; and any inquiries you may have concerning American Studies. Although this is not primarily a discussion list, such questions and announcements are welcome.

To reach the moderator, Pawel Frelik, send a mail to: listmaster@eaas.eu.

Send your message as you wish it to be read to: list@eaas.eu. The moderators will approve it as it is within a few days, without further editing.

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Please note that EAAS-L, the fomer mailing list for American Studies in Europe, that was moderated on behalf of the European Association for American Studies by Jaap Verheul (University of Utrecht) has been phased out.

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