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Call for Papers - American Studies Association of Turkey (ASAT) - 41st International American Studies Conference

American Studies Association of Turkey (ASAT)

41st International American Studies Conference

Hacettepe University, Department of American Culture and Literature

40th Anniversary Conference


Hosted by:

Hacettepe University

Department of American Culture and Literature

Ankara, Turkey

November 16-18, 2022

In Trans*: A Quick and Quirky Account of Gender Variability (2018), Jack Halberstam provides a broad conceptualization of trans*, defining it as an open term that resists and interrupts “certainty through the act of naming.” The asterisk, Halberstam notes, “modifies the meaning of transitivity by refusing to situate transition in relation to a destination, a final form, a specific shape, or an established configuration of desire and identity.”

As such, trans* is a dynamic space of agency, self-definition and hybridity. Also embedded in trans* is transformation and a sense of flexibility and change that defies categorization and constructed binaries. As Halberstam expresses, trans* is thus a powerfully liberating epistemology, one that challenges, decenters and “stands at odds with…concise definitions, sure medical pronouncements, and fierce exclusions.” Always “under construction” or in the process of becoming, it defies and subverts domination by regulatory regimes while exposing the interstices and lacunae of being.

The American Studies Association of Turkey invites the submission of individual abstracts, panels, workshop and roundtable proposals that explore all aspects of trans* with respect to the United States. Possible subthemes include, but are not limited to:

  • Trans* geographies and spaces
  • Transnational; transcontinental; transatlantic; transpacific; transoceanic
  • Transgender/LGBTQIA+ issues; trans* phobia
  • Trans* bodies, identities, genders and sexualities
  • Transing; transitioning; transitivity; trans* lives
  • Trans* embodiment; trans* theory; trans* visibility
  • Trans* action and activism; trans* politics; trans* networks
  • Trans* performance and performers; trans* fandom
  • Transhumanism; trans* as a site of futurity
  • Transecology; trans* histories
  • Information and technology transfer; transparency
  • Change and transformation
  • Translation; transcription; transliteration
  • Transcendence, transcendentalism
  • Transience; transmigration; transborder
  • Transportation, movement and mobility
  • Cultural transfer; transculturation
  • Trans* in American culture, literature, film, sports and media
  • Transdisciplinary studies of the United States

Proposals should be sent to the American Studies Association of Turkey (info@asat-jast.org) and should consist of a 250–300 word abstract, five keywords, and a short (200 word) biography for each participant. The time allowance for presentations is 20 minutes. An additional 10 minutes will be provided for discussion.

We expect all participants to attend the entire conference out of professional courtesy. Please keep this in mind while submitting an abstract.

Submission deadline: April 30, 2022

Selected papers will be included in a special issue of the Journal of American Studies of Turkey (JAST) based on the conference theme.

More information will be posted on our website as it becomes available: www.asat-jast.org


American Studies Association of Turkey