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Critical Legal Conference, 31 August - 2 September 2022

Critical Legal Conference 2022

31 August - 2 September, 2022



Participation in the conference is free of charge


Neither alive nor dead: liminal personae before the law

As an anthropological concept, liminality has been related to an intermediate condition between fixed states such as order and chaos, health and sickness, citizen and alien, human and non-human, true and false, right and wrong, good and evil. This proposal wishes to extend analysis in both law and fiction, to include the gray area of ​​liminality before the law of persons who have limited or uncertain legal status as a result of their stranded condition between civil legality and civil disenfranchisement (civil death).

In the context of American Studies, this gray area may include refugees, immigrants, missing persons, the disabled, the mentally incapacitated, nonpersons, or even the practice of “ghosting”. It may also be extended to include the condition of bare life (homo sacer) and / or the (un) dead.

Convener:  Theodora Tsimpouki (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens).

Please send submissions to:  tsimpouki@enl.uoa.gr