The association publishes a book series and a journal, catering to our members and the broader American Studies community in Europe and worldwide.

European Perspectives on the United States

European Perspectives on the United States: The European Association for American Studies Series is published under the auspices and with the editorial involvement of the EAAS.

This peer-reviewed series provides a broad reflection of the state of American Studies in Europe. While the series prioritizes academic works that accentuate the importance of transnationality and interdisciplinarity in the study of the United States, it aims to properly recognize the diverse and relevant European achievements in the main disciplines of American Studies, to include but not limited to literary studies, cultural studies, film and media studies, history, and the social sciences. Benefiting from the varied professional alignments of European Americanists, European Perspectives on the United States will initiate new directions of dialogue in American Studies by opening the field to voices from across nations and continents.

European Perspectives on the United States has value for a wide and diverse range of academics and postdoctoral and postgraduate research students representing an array of disciplines within the humanities and social sciences.

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European Journal of American Studies

The European Journal of American Studies (EJAS) is the official journal of the European Association for American Studies. The President of the European Association for American Studies is the director of this publication. Opinions expressed in EJAS should however be considered as strictly that of the authors.

EJAS aims to foster European views on the society, culture, history, and politics of the United States, and how the US interacts with other countries in these fields. In doing so the journal places itself firmly within the continuing discussion amongst Europeans on the nature, history, importance, impact and problems of US civilization. As part of this task, EJAS wants to contribute to enriching the contents, broadening the scope, and documenting the critical examination of "American Studies" in and outside of the United States. EJAS welcomes contributions from Europe and elsewhere and endeavors to make available reliable information and state-of-the-art research on all topics within its broad field of interest. As a matter of policy, the journal will pay particular attention to objects, phenomena and issues less documented or less often debated in the United States, as well as to innovative cultural modes and the diversity of reception of United States culture abroad. Associated with this outlook, it welcomes submissions that elaborate and renew critical approaches, paradigms and methodologies, and that express varied and pluralist views.

While intended for the entire American Studies community, EJAS aims in particular to provide space for the rapid publication of quality scholarship by doctoral and post-doctoral researchers. The journal hopes to constitute a genuine forum for European Americanists of all generations, national origins and disciplinary affiliations.

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EAAS Publications and Conference Volumes

European Views of the United States 2008 -

All volumes in the series, established in 2008, can be ordered online as print copies or as e-books on the publisher’s website.

European Contributions to American Studies 1980-2006

EAAS publications in the series were published by VU University Press between 1980 and 2006. Rob Kroes served as General Editor from 1990 to 2006.

A Selection of Conference Volumes Published before 1980

Vistas of a Continent: Concepts of Nature in America, ed. Teut Andreas Riese, Anglistische Forschungen 136, Heidelberg: Winter, 1979 (Heidelberg Conference 1976).

Contagious Conflict: The Impact of American Dissent on European Life, ed. A. N. J. den Hollander, Leiden: Brill, 1973 (Geneva Conference 1972).

Diverging Parallels: A Comparison of American and European Thought and Action, ed. A. N. J. den Hollander, Leiden: Brill, 1971 (Rome Conference 1967 and Brussels Conference 1970).

The Role of Universities in the Modern World: A Transatlantic Dialogue, Bonn: Cultural Affairs and Educational Exchange Unit, United States Information Service, 1965 (Aarhus Conference 1965).

“Special Issue European Association for American Studies,” The American Review: A Quarterly of American Affairs, publ. under the auspices of the European Center of American Studies of the Johns Hopkins Bologna Center, vol. 2, no. 4, March 1963 (Cambridge Conference 1962).

Annual Conference of the European Association for American Studies, Berlin, 27–30 September 1961 [Berlin: EAAS, 1961] Eighteen typescripts of papers presented at the conference.

Proceedings of the Second Conference of the European Association for American Studies Held at the Fondation des États-Unis, Paris September 3–6, 1957, Paris: European Association for American Studies, 1957 (Paris Conference 1957).


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